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Why have your roof cleaned?

  1. Due to the UK’s wet climate algae, moss and lichen are commonplace on roofs. The damp conditions provide the perfect breeding ground for micro-organisms.
  2. Left untreated, moss can damage your roof. As it grows into the crevice’s the moss can freeze and expand, which cause the tiles to crack and move.
  3. Moss is a living organism and feeds on the roof tiles, which over time shorten the life expectancy of the tiles.
  4. In heavy rain or wind, moss can become dislodged and fall into the gutters and downpipes causing blockages. In the worst cases this can cause internal damp.
  5. Moss can fall from the roof onto your driveways and patios, this causes an unsightly mess and can be trampled into your house.
  6. Moss lichen and algae can become unsightly spoiling your property’s kerb appeal



Bear Cleaning can provide the solution

Using our specialist equipment designed specifically for cleaning roofs, there will be no need for us to step on your roof. All work is carried out safely from scaffold towers, ladders or cherry pickers

There are few cleaning options available. Considerations would include the surface & age of the roof, as well as budget. There is a solution for every requirement.

Option 1 – Scrape & biocide. Moss is scraped from the tiles using a specially profiled scraper. A biocidal wash will then be applied to kill any remaining moss or spores. This works on a weathering process, so over time, the roof will lighten as the algae slowly dies off.

Option 2 – Scrape & Soft wash. Following the scrape of the moss, chemicals are applied, which give almost immediate cleaning results and leave the roof looking as close to the original colour as possible. A biocidal wash will then be applied to kill any remaining moss or spores.

Option 3 – Steam Clean. Using a steam pressure washer and special roof cleaning attachments, all moss, algae and lichen is removed from the roof. Due to the cleaning power of steam, a low pressure is used so as not to cause damage to the tiles, but produces maximum results. A biocidal wash will then be applied to kill any remaining moss or spores.

The Biocidal wash applied on each option will ensure the roof will remain moss free for years to come. Once the moss is removed, all gutters are emptied and soffits, fascia’s windows and frames are cleaned.

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